Choosing An Incredible Plumber


Building Your New-Home Plumbing Supply Kit

If you’ve always rented apartments and the like, you may not have had to deal with the maintenance. That means that when you sign the closing papers on your first home, it’s time to start stocking up on the essentials to care for the property. One of the most important things to stock up on […]

Comparing Battery-Powered And Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Backup sump pumps are designed to act as a failsafe in case your main sump pump fails, preventing your basement and foundation from flooding during heavy rainfall. There are two main types of backup sump pumps, differentiated by their power source: battery and water powered. Despite performing the same function, their different power sources confer […]

A DIY Method For Pin-Pointing Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden water leaks often go neglected for years, causing untold damage, lost water, and excessive water bills. If your water bills have been higher than normal lately, there’s a chance you’re suffering from this problem. Thankfully, there’s something you can do about it. Reading Your Water Meter Before going through this process, you need to […]

How To Winterize Your Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems are designed to keep your garden looking fresh throughout the spring and summer. However, if your system is not properly cared for during the winter months, it can malfunction and cease to work properly, or at all, once the temperature rises again. Thankfully, there are a number of steps that you can take […]