Exploring The Benefits Of Plastic Piping

Selecting plastic pipes for residential plumbing can offer many benefits over other materials such as bronze or copper. Plastic pipes are available in a material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). PVC pipes are used for your cold water supply and CPVC pipes are used for your hot water supply.

More Affordable Alternative

Plastic pipes, plastic joints, and plastic couplers are cheaper to manufacture, which makes them less expensive and more appealing for homeowners and contractors. Plastic pipes also weigh less than copper, bronze, and galvanized iron pipes. This means they can be transported at a higher volume, which makes transporting them cheaper as well. This, in turn, would bring down the cost of the plastic pipes.

Flame Resistant

PVC pipes are fire resistant. When a PVC product catches fire, it releases a hydrogen chloride gas which has an extremely unpleasant odor. This makes it easy to detect the fire early.

Corrosion and Degradation is Not a Problem

It is common for metal plumbing pipes to corrode and/or degrade over time. This can cause the pipes to leak. If the leak is not detected, it can lead to water damage which can result in costly repairs. The corrosion can also allow trace amounts of copper (or whatever metal the pipe is made out of) to leak into the drinking water. This can lead to all sorts of health problems. Alzheimer's disease, for example, has been linked to traces of copper in drinking water.

Plastic pipes are resistant to corrosion even when they are buried deep in the ground or placed inside of a concrete slab. Neither PVC or CPVC pipes will rust the way galvanized pipes do. The lack of rust eliminates any rusty or metallic taste in your drinking water.

Environmental Friendly

Plastic pipes can be recycled. When the pipes become damaged or worn out, homeowners and contractors can take them to a recycling station instead of taking them to the dump. Plastic pipes are also appealing and beneficial to the environment because they do not use irreplaceable natural resources such as iron or copper. In fact, the primary component of plastic pipes is salt (it makes up about 57 percent) which exists in limitless quantities. This means you can continue to use plastic pipes without worrying about it running out.

As you can see, investing in plastic pipes for your home will offer all sorts of benefits to your home.

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