4 Signs Your Pipes Need To Be Replaced

Plumbing pipes can wear out over time due to general wear and tear and temperature fluctuations. Worn pipes are at a greater risk of bursting, which can cause water damage within your home and promote the growth of mold. Thankfully, pipes will exhibit a number of warning signs once they begin to reach the end of their lifespan, which means that you can have them looked at and replaced if needed before they become a problem.

Colored Water

If the water coming out of your taps and various other water fixtures is a different color from what it should be, there may be an issue with your plumbing. Most commonly, water will turn an orange or brown color, which is representative of rust buildup within the pipes. Obviously, drinking rusty water is unhealthy, but it also makes it harder to clean dishes and clothes. If you see discoloration in your water, you should call a plumber to have your pipes looked at.


If you notice staining near or around water fixtures this could be a sign that a small leak has developed somewhere in your plumbing. These leaks are usually referred to as pinhole leaks, and represent a miniscule amount of water that is escaping into the walls of your home. However, though the amount of water is initially small, it leads to prolonged water exposure, and also is representative of corrosion or damage to your plumbing. Such corrosion and damage can quickly spiral into a larger leak which represents a much more complicated and expensive repair job.


Check any exposed piping in your home for signs of flaking or pitting on the pipe. Again, this is a sign of corrosion and damage, and shows that the structural integrity of your plumbing is slowly beginning to fail. If the exposed piping of your home is rusting, it is likely that the plumbing behind the walls is rusting as well. You should contact a contractor as soon as possible if there are visible signs of corrosion.

Cracks and Warping

If there are small cracks and sections of your walls which are beginning to warp, this could be another sign of a pinhole leak behind the wall. Often, such cracks and warping will occur with visible water damage around them, but not always. Keep an eye on cracks and warping to see if they are spreading – if they are, you likely have a hidden plumbing leak in your home.

If you have questions, contact a plumber in your area, such as Knights Plumbing & Drain.