Four Common Outdoor Plumbing Issues In The Summer

With summer on the horizon, there is a whole new host of plumbing issues that can crop up outside of your home. It is important that you can spot these and fix minor problems right away before they turn into big issues. Here are four common outdoor plumbing issues and ways to spot and treat these quickly.

1. Sprinkler Leaks

When it comes to your sprinkler system, leaks can occur at the main faucet or at sprinkler heads. At the beginning of the dry season, it is a good idea to do a test run with sprinklers in general. Make sure their range is correct if they are oscillating sprinklers. Watch for puddling at the base of both sprinkler heads and where you turn on the faucet. If it seems there might be a leak somewhere in the system, bring in a plumbing contractor to take a look.

2. Irrigation System Problems

If you have a watering system set up to either water your garden or to mist delicate plants in the summer months, this can be a great time saver. However, irrigation systems can be finicky and should be looked over both at the beginning and the end of the season. Delicate plastic piping can be damaged by extreme cold or heat or be chewed through by pets or pests. Follow the irrigation system from your faucet to make sure water is getting where it is supposed to.

3. Pool Problems

The summer months may call for cooling off in your pool. Pool leaks can be dangerous since the water can have chemicals that shouldn't be spread into your yard. If you think there may be a leak in your pool due to low water levels or damp areas nearby, get this checked out by a pool technician.

4. Broken Pipes from Tree Roots

Broken pipes outside might be easier to spot in summer months. If you notice areas of your yard are damp, especially under trees, this might be a sign there is a slow leak underground. These may have formed over the winter and weren't caught because the ground was damp during the rainy season. The most likely culprit of the damage is tree roots, but a plumber should be able to assess and fix the damage.

If the plumbing inside your home seems to be working well but your water bill has risen rapidly, there might be a leak outside you just can't see. Have a plumbing contractor from a company like Belfair Plumbing & Drain Service out to assess possible problem areas so that small leaks don't take over.