How To Reseal Tile Floors

There are few bathroom flooring materials that are at sought after as tile. Tile is a very popular flooring material, especially in bathrooms where the surface is constantly getting wet. Many people are very attracted to tile because it is durable and stylish at the same time. It is a fun flooring material to work with because you can design a custom layout. There are really no rules when it comes to designing your tile configuration. However, there is one rule when it comes to maintaining your bathroom tile. You must always keep your tile and grout properly sealed. This article explains how to apply tile sealant.

When to Reseal

Tile sealant is very easy to apply, but deep, penetrating products can be expensive. It comes in liquid form and is sold in large jugs. The sealant works on the tile and the grout lines. How often you reseal your tile definitely depends on how much water it is exposed to. For instance, tile on the floor of a bath basin needs to be sealed much more often than tile on a normal floor. Tile sealant protects not only against water, but also from the formation of bacteria and mold, so it is very important in both bathrooms and showers.

Applying the Sealant

The key to applying tile sealant is to have a bunch of lint free rags. Keep a pile of rags for spreading the sealant and another pile for wiping it away to dry off the floor. Shake the jug of sealant and then simply pour it onto the floor. Quickly spread it around with the rags and make sure you get complete coverage, especially over the grout lines. The grout lines are more porous, so they are more susceptible to mold and water damage. You want to let the sealant soak into the floor for a few minutes before wiping it away. Once the floor is completely dry, there might be a thin film that is visible on top of the tile. This may depends on what type of tile you are sealing. If there is a film visible the next day, just wipe it off with a dry rag.

In the end, resealing your floor will only take a couple of hours. You don't need any tools or special materials, besides the actual sealant and rags. This is a simple maintenance project, but one that you certainly should not neglect if you want your tile to last for a long time.

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