Garbage Disposal Repair And Maintenance Tips

Did your garbage disposal spit at you? The biggest question you should ask is what did you did or did not do to make it do this. A garbage disposal isn't made to be used as a trashcan, but it is a great convenience to dispose of many foods that would normally make the kitchen a 'smelly' place to visit.

The 'Spit' Cure

Relax if your disposal unit spits at you and then cuts off. It is documented that 95% of garbage disposals have a button that can reset the motor. Just search for a black or red button on the bottom of the unit. This is a simple fix, and you can avoid the repair technician.

When you notice something just doesn't sound right, it might be because the blades are jammed. Don't panic. Turn off the fuse box and use a plunger or small wooden handle to work the blades free from whatever made them freeze.

Forbidden Products

Never put any of these items in the disposal unit.

Vegetable peels, including corn husks, celery, and lettuce, have an inclination to wrap around the blades and jam them. Stringy vegetables are an enemy to the blades and the entire unit.

Rice and pasta or other starchy items can stick to the pipes and expand when they get wet. They transform from dry materials to a sticky mess when water and other wet substances mix with them.

Coffee grounds and egg shells have a 'sludge' component that may stick to the pipes and cause them to clog. Seeds or pits will not break apart, and neither will bones.

Oil or grease can also create a clog in the pipes, especially if it is rinsed into the unit with hot water.

Paper products such as cigarette butts, paper towels, or other similar items should never be placed in the unit for disposal because they will probably jam the blades.

Safety Tips

Use citrus slices such as a lime or lemon to refresh the unit. On a regular basis, soak it with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to remove scale buildup. After the unit finishes its cycle, it is advisable to run some water through the lines to ensure all the debris is cleaned out.

When you are using the disposal, go slow, so the unit doesn't jam and 'spit' on you. It might be time to replace your garbage disposal if it 'spits' and you are energy conscious. Check with the Energy Star appliances for your best energy savings and quality products. Contact a company like Diamond Head Plumbing Inc for more info.