Sewer Clog Cause A Backup? 4 Steps You Should Take When Cleaning Up The Mess

If a sewer line clog has caused a raw sewage flood in your home, you're going to need to act fast to get the mess cleaned up and the clog cleared. Raw sewage in your home can cause serious health risks for you and your family members. Here are the steps you'll need to take to safely take care of the problem.

Call the Plumber

The first thing you'll need to do is call the plumber. If a sewer line clog has caused raw sewage to back up into your home, you're not going to be able to clear the problem by yourself. You're going to need the help of a plumber. Be sure to let the plumber know that you have raw sewage in your home. This will allow them to come prepared to clear the clog and clean the drains. You'll need your drains cleaned to remove the solid waste that might be lingering on the walls of the drain pipes.

Ventilate the House

Your home is going to smell quite foul once the raw sewage odor starts spreading. Before you begin any cleanup, be sure to open all of your windows. This will allow the odors to leave your home. This will also ensure that you have fresh air to breathe during the cleanup project. Raw sewage can cause serious breathing problems, especially if you already suffer from breathing difficulties such as asthma.

Don Your Safety Gear

Before you wade into the sewage, you're going to need to don your safety gear. You'll need to wear safety goggles, rubber gloves, and a breathing mask. You'll also need to wear boots, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Be sure to tuck your pant legs into your boots and your sleeves into your rubber gloves. Once you're wearing your safety clothing, you'll be ready to start the cleanup.

Start the Cleanup

This is an important part of the process. You're going to need to do a thorough job of removing anything that might have come in contact with the sewage.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Heavy duty trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Shop vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Mop
  • Water
  • Bleach


  1. Carefully place clothing and other items that came in contact with the sewage into heavy duty trash bags.
  2. Remove any contaminated carpeting and place it in heavy duty trash bags.
  3. Use your shop vacuum to remove any standing water from the floor.
  4. Use your paper towels to soak up any remaining moisture on the floor.
  5. Fill your bucket with hot water and add 2 cups of bleach.
  6. Use your bucket to mop the floors. Be sure to get in the corners to remove all contamination.
  7. Allow the floor to air dry.
  8. Place plastic sheeting on the floor and use it as a walking path to prevent spreading contamination through the rest of your home.

If clogged pipes caused a serious flood in your home, use the tips provided above to help recover from the damage. Contact a company like Mildren Plumbing Inc for more info.