3 Seemingly Simple Kitchen Repairs Best Left To A Professional

With the ready availability of informational videos, articles, and helpful tips online, you may feel pretty confident that you can tackle just about any kitchen repair your home may throw at you. But even though there are a lot of ordinary maintenance and repair tasks in the kitchen that don't require a handyman or professional to accomplish, you have to make sure you don't allow a false sense of security to get you in trouble. Here are a few seemingly simple repairs that may be necessary in your kitchen which would be better left to the pros. 

Repair Task: Replacing a broken garbage disposal. 

It sounds easy enough and is even a task that does not require a lot of tools, but replacing your garbage disposal is a task that should be left to a professional. This job requires you to position yourself beneath the sink in a way that still allows you a good grip on the components, which can be pretty hefty. Not only will you have to be in an awkward position for the installation process, but you also have to hook up the wiring for the disposal as well, which is a task best left to someone with electrical experience. 

Repair Task: Installing water lines for a dishwasher. 

If your home was built without drainage and supply lines for a dishwasher, it is not a good idea to try to tackle the task of installing the lines on your own. This feat involves tapping into existing water and drainage lines and routing the new lines in a way they will not be apparent in your kitchen. A professional plumber or contractor has the skill and experience to tap into lines without causing leaks and they can tuck the new lines away inside walls or beneath your cabinets so they are not visible. 

Repair Task: Mending leaks in copper plumbing lines. 

Copper lines have pretty much become obsolete in the plumbing system of modern kitchens—for good reason. Copper water lines can be incredibly difficult to repair when they spring a leak, burst, or crack. This type of project usually requires everything from solder to a handheld blow torch, and without experience, you could easily end up just making the problem worse. A plumber who is skilled with copper lines can usually make the repairs without issue because they are more familiar with the material and techniques that should be used. 

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