Need A Sump Pump? Understand The 4 Kinds Available

When you have a home with a basement that is underneath the water table, a sump pump is necessary to remove the water away from your home. With there being several kinds of sump pumps available to you, you may be wondering what all the differences are. Here is what you need to know from the 4 kinds of sump pumps out there.

Pedestal Pump

A pedestal pump will be mounted directly above your sump pit, which makes it easy to access and service the pump. The external nature of the pump allows it to run at a higher capacity with it being powered by electricity, so it should be able to keep up with intense rainfall in your area that causes the water table to rise. Many homeowners don't like them because they can be very loud when running, and also take up space in a basement because the pump lives above foundation instead of in the sump pit.

Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is powered by electricity, and as the name implies, the pump lives underwater in the sump pit. This allows the pump to be very quiet when it is running, with you typically only hearing the water rush through the pipe at high speeds. This pump is more expensive than a pedestal pump and harder to service, since you'll need to remove the entire pump from the pit to do so.

Water Powered Pump

Instead of using electricity, a water powered pump will use your home's water pressure to pump out the groundwater from underneath your home's foundation. The biggest advantage of this kind of pump is that it works even when your power is out, while other pumps would require a battery backup. In exchange for this great benefit, the pump is not as powerful as electric powered counterparts.

Utility Pump

A utility pump is not a form of a sump pump that is permanently installed and ready to go, but a small submersible pump that you would use after flooring occurs. It is powered by electricity, and is placed at the lowest point of a basement that has flood water in it. A garden hose attaches to the pump to draw the water out of your basement and as far away as possible. This pump is only designed to be used in an emergency, and not an alternative to an installed submersible pump.

If you need help installing a permanent sump pump for your home, contact a company that offers plumbing services.