Enhancing The Taste Of Your Water

Whether you get your water from a well or a municipal water system, you may not be happy with the way your water looks, tastes, or smells. Since the benefits of drinking plenty of water every day is well documented, making your drinking water more palatable can enhance your health as well as the quality of your life. You can improve your water with a few simple steps.


Your tap water may taste bad due to high levels of chlorination or natural minerals in your water. Even if the taste of the minerals is not that strong, just the appearance of "floaters" in your water can turn you off from the beverage. If you have a well, consult with an expert to see if your well is functioning properly or if it needs repairs. If the pump and tank are fine, you can take care of these water quality problems by installing a whole house water filtration system that will help get rid of the minerals and reduce or eliminate the taste and smell of chlorine. Even investing in carbon filters for your faucets or water pitchers can make your water taste better and help remove the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Once your water looks, tastes, and smells better, you are more likely to drink it.  


Often, people drink many sugary beverages during the day because they find the taste of plain water unappealing. Of course, all that sugar is bad for you, and buying these drinks is also expensive. You can make your home water more tempting if you add natural, unsweetened flavors to your water. For instance, squeezing in a bit of citrus juice can liven up your water and encourage you to drink more of it. Lemon and lime water are the favorites of many people, plus either one helps to freshen your mouth.

Other suggestions include adding fresh fruit to the bottom of your glass to give the water a splash of color as well as a fruity taste. You can try raspberries, blueberries, or any other of your favorites. Making your water look inviting as well as adding a flavor "kick" to it will keep you from craving sodas and other not-so-healthy beverages.

You truly do need to drink about 64 ounces of water each day. Instead of turning to expensive bottled water, try making your tap water taste and look better. Your health will benefit, and you should also save money on bottled beverages. Use filtration and add some fruit. Before long, you may be craving the water that comes out of your tap. Contact a company like County Pump & Supply Co for more information.