Americans, Meet The Bidet! Four Reasons To Install This Plumbing Add-On

If you've ever visited Europe, you may be familiar with bidets. These specialized toilets contain faucets that rinse and dry your private areas, reducing or eliminating the need for toilet paper. They've been common in Europe for decades, but they're just starting to make waves in the United States. Here are four good reasons to hop on this trend and consider having your own bidet installed.

You'll feel cleaner and have less irritation.

How clean is that piece of dry toilet paper really getting you? Doesn't your bottom feel irritated after a lot of wiping? A bidet actually washes you with water, so there's less worry of residue being left behind. You won't feel so hurried to get into the shower at night or have to worry that someone may detect an odor after you've used the toilet. If you're a dedicated fan of wet wipes for toilet use, you've probably noticed that the chemical cleaners in these wipes sometimes leave your bottom sore or irritated. Using a bidet eliminates the need to use wet wipes, and since it only sprays you with plain water, there's no irritation to worry about.

You won't generate as much paper waste.

The average consumer uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. That's a lot of trees being used to make toilet paper, and it's a lot of toilet paper waste ending up in sewers. Choosing a bidet will allow you to do away with using toilet paper completely. (Most models not only rinse you, but also dry your bottom with a light stream of air.) You'll save trees and generate less waste for municipal waste treatment centers to deal with. If you have a septic tank rather than a public sewer connection, using a bidet rather than toilet paper will cause your tank to fill up more slowly with solid waste, so you won't have to get it pumped so often.

You don't have to worry about clogs.

Usually when the toilet gets clogged, it's not your waste that causes the clog, but the toilet paper. With a bidet, toilet clogs will essentially be a thing of the past. You don't have to worry about plunging the toilet or calling the emergency plumber at 2 am.

Some bidets are built right into specialized toilets. Others come as fixtures that can be mounted on an existing toilet. To learn more about your options, talk to a plumber in your area, like ABEL Plumbing Inc.