Defining What Constitutes An Emergency Plumbing Situation And What Does Not

There are many plumbers that offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services, but after-hours services generally cost a lot more. If you have a plumbing situation on your hands and you are wondering if it is an "emergency" situation, you may want a clearer definition of what a plumbing emergency is, as opposed to something that is only inconvenient but can wait. By determining what kind of plumbing situation you have, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in service call fees. The following examples showcase some definite plumbing emergencies.

You Have Raw Sewage Backing up into Your Shower/Tub and Sink Drains

This is definitely a plumbing emergency because the raw sewage is not only unpleasant to see and smell, but it is also a major bio-hazard to everyone in the house. For all you know, it could be raw sewage from your neighbors' homes and not just raw sewage from your own pipelines. Only a plumber would be able to tell, and even then he or she could only tell by sticking a plumber's camera down the pipelines to see where the sewage is coming from. Additionally, if the problem is located down at the city pipeline junction, then the city might have to pay for your cleanup and repairs, so get a 24-hour plumber out as fast as you can.

You Have Standing Water in a Sink That Does Not Go Away

Some drains are very slow and sluggish, which causes the sinks to fill rapidly and empty over the course of an hour or so. While this is really annoying and inconvenient, it is not an emergency, since you could wash your hands and/or dishes another way. What is an emergency is standing water in a sink that will not go down at all, or takes more than an entire day to empty. Standing water can become fetid, harbor larvae of various insects (e.g., mosquito larvae--and yes, that can happen in your sink), and create very unpleasant odors in your home. If you cannot get the water to go down after a day, call a plumber.

Your Pipes Burst and Your Basement Is Flooding

This is one of the biggest reasons to call a 24-hour emergency plumber. Pipes often burst in winter when temperatures dip below zero for several days and the pipes are not properly insulated. If you have water gushing all over your basement and quickly filling the basement up, you definitely need an emergency plumber ASAP.

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