Experiencing Plumbing Problems? How To Tell If Your Septic System Is At Fault

When your plumbing system works the way it's supposed to, daily life seems to go off without a hitch. You and your family are able to brush your teeth and take showers in the morning without annoying backups that can put a snag in your day. However, when you begin to notice that the plumbing just doesn't seem to be as functional as it used to be, it's time to get to the root of the problem. Your septic system is intimately intertwined with the overall plumbing network in the house, and if you resonate with any of the signs below, you might want to have a plumbing professional come out to perform some repairs.

There Is A Foul Smell In Your Yard

Your senses are there to alert you to trouble in so many different ways. A loud sound goes off in your ears, and you know to take cover, and when a dangerous person or animal appears in front of your eyes, you immediately start to head toward safety.

However, your eyes and ears aren't the only warning systems on your body. Your nose can also detect signs of trouble, and if you pay attention to the scents in the air, you can avoid serious issues down the line.

If you walk out into your yard and notice that there seems to be a stench surrounding your house, don't ignore the smell. It's easy to chalk it up to simply a regional matter, but if the stench is rather new, you might want to have a contractor check your septic tank. It could be so full of wastewater that the contents have leaked out into the yard, causing a very unpleasant aroma that is actually quite avoidable.

Your Drains Are Extremely Slow

Slow drains can be very frustrating. It might seem that the water takes forever to go down the drain, and if you're trying to quickly wash and rinse dirty dishes so you can head out for the day, this could take so long that you throw the plates down and leave without completing the task. 

Instead of reacting out of anger, try to take a detached approach to the issue. Your septic tank could be backed up, and all it really takes is for a plumber to clear it out to get things rolling again.

Keeping your septic system in check is essential if you want the plumbing to function properly. Look for these signs, and if they appear, get a master plumber out to your residence ASAP! Contact a company like American Pumping Service for more information and assistance.