Plumbing Upgrades to Consider With Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are remodeling plumbing in your bathroom, then you are probably excited for upgrades like a new shower and a deeper sink. But what about the plumbing itself? You might not really see the plumbing, but it has a huge impact on the way you use your bathroom. So you might want to take a few plumbing upgrades while you're already having the bathroom remodeled. Here are some options that people tend to love.

Upgrade to copper pipes

If your home is older, you may have galvanized pipes or even iron pipes. These pipes might be in salvageable condition right now, but that does not mean they will be in 10 or 15 years. Both of these materials will eventually develop rust. If you upgrade to copper pipes, at least for the pipes that connect to your bathroom fixtures, then you can prevent this rusting down the road. You won't see rust in your sink or have to tear apart the bathroom to replace the pipes later on.

Install an anti-scald valve in the shower

Are you tired of turning on the water in the shower, only for it to be scalding hot? Maybe your water becomes scalding hot when someone flushes the toilet. While you are remodeling, you may want to have an anti-scald valve installed in your shower. These valves carefully regulate the amount of hot versus cold water that flows through the pipes and into your shower. If the water gets hotter, they add more cold water to the mix. These valves are a good safety feature, especially if you have kids.

Put wire catch baskets on your drains

When choosing drains for your tub and sink, make sure you choose ones with wire catch baskets. These do a better job of catching hairs and other small debris than catch baskets made from thicker metal. Hair is responsible for many bothersome drain clogs, so the more you're able to keep out of your drains, the better. Look for wire catch baskets that are removable so that after you shower or wash your hair, you can pull them out, tap out the hair, and put them back in place.

Remodeling your bathroom is not all about good looks. With the upgrades above, you can improve upon the plumbing system an ultimately make your bathroom a lot more liveable and less prone to issues such as clogs, burns, and blockages.