About Your Business Plumbing

Running a business has you taking care of many important details, and falling behind on the attention paid to any of them can have negative repercussions for the business. One of these important areas of concern is the plumbing. Here are some things to keep in mind and to realize about your commercial plumbing system: 

Stay on top of the water pressure

You are going to want to make sure the water pressure in the business space is good. If it's too low, it can be frustrating for anyone washing their hands and it can be a bigger problem with things like cleaning tasks when the water drizzles out too slowly. If the water pressure is too high, then it can spray all over when someone goes to wash their hands, and this can cause water to get on the floor and become a slipping hazard. If you have problems getting the right water pressure, then have a commercial plumber come out. 

Watch out for any and all leaks

Depending on the type of business you run, you might have a lot of different appliances to watch for possible leaks, along with the regular plumbing pipes you normally have to keep an eye on. If there are any leaks, have the plumber come out immediately, no matter how small they may be. Small leaks always have the risk of suddenly becoming big leaks or even big emergencies if they become a burst pipe.  

Keep an eye on all of the floor drains

The floor drains in your business are very important. When you clean the floors, the drains should quickly take the water away. If a floor drain becomes clogged, then you need to have a commercial plumber come out to unclog the drain. Otherwise, stagnant water can become an issue. Mold may develop and foul odors may appear. Also, the floor can end up flooding. 

Check all of the toilets and sinks daily

It's important to perform daily checks on all sinks and toilets. In fact, they should be checked at the start of the business day and again at the end. Any issues need to be tended to as soon as a plumber can come. Until the issue is fixed, put up a sign and don't allow anyone to use that toilet or sink so you can avoid ending up with much larger plumbing problems.

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