Drain Maintenance Tips That Work

Not all pieces of advice that pertain to drain maintenance work. Here is some advice that does work. Watch What Goes In the Drains Not all the wastes your household produces should go down the drain. Some wastes are likely to remain trapped within the drains and cause clogging. Here are some of the things that shouldn't go down the drains: Fruit peels Eggshells Napkins Fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) Hair Get alternative ways of disposing of such wastes.

Experiencing Plumbing Problems? How To Tell If Your Septic System Is At Fault

When your plumbing system works the way it's supposed to, daily life seems to go off without a hitch. You and your family are able to brush your teeth and take showers in the morning without annoying backups that can put a snag in your day. However, when you begin to notice that the plumbing just doesn't seem to be as functional as it used to be, it's time to get to the root of the problem.

2 Types Of HVAC Ventilators And How They Can Help Improve Your Home's Comfort

The ventilator in your HVAC unit is the part that ensures your circulating stale indoor air is replaced with fresh, filtered and temperature changed outdoor air. There are different types of ventilators and each has its own pros and cons that can help determine how well-suited the ventilator is for your heating and cooling needs. What are the types of HVAC ventilators and how can they help improve your home's comfort?

Defining What Constitutes An Emergency Plumbing Situation And What Does Not

There are many plumbers that offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services, but after-hours services generally cost a lot more. If you have a plumbing situation on your hands and you are wondering if it is an "emergency" situation, you may want a clearer definition of what a plumbing emergency is, as opposed to something that is only inconvenient but can wait. By determining what kind of plumbing situation you have, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in service call fees.

Americans, Meet The Bidet! Four Reasons To Install This Plumbing Add-On

If you've ever visited Europe, you may be familiar with bidets. These specialized toilets contain faucets that rinse and dry your private areas, reducing or eliminating the need for toilet paper. They've been common in Europe for decades, but they're just starting to make waves in the United States. Here are four good reasons to hop on this trend and consider having your own bidet installed. You'll feel cleaner and have less irritation.