Recognizing The Difference Between Pinhole And Joint Leaks

Joints are among the most common locations for leaks in household plumbing, but they aren't the only source of trouble. If your home uses copper pipes, you may also face pinhole or pitting leaks. This type of leak results from corrosion in the pipe's metal walls, and it can be a stubborn problem that may keep cropping up time and time again. Recognizing the difference between these two types of leaks can be crucial in determining how to address them.

Do I Need A Plumber Or A Plumbing Contractor?

For most people, the terms plumber and plumbing contractor are virtually synonymous. But despite there being significant overlap between the two occupations, the two professions are  different in a number of ways. Depending on your own type of plumbing need, you'll need to know which one to hire to make sure the job is done right. Below are a few of the differences between a plumber and a plumbing contractor to help you understand the difference.

3 Reasons Your Gas Water Heater's Burner Won't Ignite

Conventional storage water heaters are surprisingly simple appliances. If your water heater uses gas as its fuel source, it relies on a burner to generate heat. In a typical design, you will find the burner at the bottom of the tank, and exhaust from the combustion process travels up a flue. Along the way, a heat exchanger extracts warmth from the combustion gases and transfers it to the water in the tank.

Ways A Plumber Can Help You Install Great Features

There are a few changes you can make with regards to the plumbing system in your home that you may find will make life a bit more comfortable and that may also help you to make your home healthier or more efficient. Here are some of these things that you might want to consider having done with the help of a plumber:  Have a water softener installed  One of the things you may want to have done is to have a water softener installed in your home.

About Your Business Plumbing

Running a business has you taking care of many important details, and falling behind on the attention paid to any of them can have negative repercussions for the business. One of these important areas of concern is the plumbing. Here are some things to keep in mind and to realize about your commercial plumbing system:  Stay on top of the water pressure You are going to want to make sure the water pressure in the business space is good.