About Your Business Plumbing

Running a business has you taking care of many important details, and falling behind on the attention paid to any of them can have negative repercussions for the business. One of these important areas of concern is the plumbing. Here are some things to keep in mind and to realize about your commercial plumbing system:  Stay on top of the water pressure You are going to want to make sure the water pressure in the business space is good.

Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet?

The bathroom sees a lot of traffic in any family home, and the toilet is a top bathroom destination. Your toilet is probably the most heavily used plumbing fixture in your home, but it's a fixture that can go unnoticed until it begins to malfunction. A faulty toilet has the potential to wreak havoc on the safety and comfort of your home. Vigilance and routine inspections will help you determine when it's time to ditch your toilet and install a new one in your family bathroom.

Plumbing Upgrades to Consider With Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are remodeling plumbing in your bathroom, then you are probably excited for upgrades like a new shower and a deeper sink. But what about the plumbing itself? You might not really see the plumbing, but it has a huge impact on the way you use your bathroom. So you might want to take a few plumbing upgrades while you're already having the bathroom remodeled. Here are some options that people tend to love.

The Problem Flushable Products Can Cause For All Of Your Plumbing

Flushable products are more common than ever and can be bought in most stores. They're advertised as being convenient, but unfortunately, the testing that determines if a flushable product is safe for your home's plumbing is usually left up to the manufacturer of the products. There are no rigorous standards or oversight, so you could end up with an issue with your plumbing if you continue to use products like flushable baby wipes, self-cleaning add-ons, and tampons.

Drain Maintenance Tips That Work

Not all pieces of advice that pertain to drain maintenance work. Here is some advice that does work. Watch What Goes In the Drains Not all the wastes your household produces should go down the drain. Some wastes are likely to remain trapped within the drains and cause clogging. Here are some of the things that shouldn't go down the drains: Fruit peels Eggshells Napkins Fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) Hair Get alternative ways of disposing of such wastes.